Various consultations take place from time to time, where public authorities such as East Dunbartonshire Council look for a response from residents on a particular issue.

Local Planning is based on a Local Development Plan (LDP) which guides the future use of land, sets out proposals for development and provides the framework for dealing with planning applications.  LDP 2017 has been adopted by the Council and it will run until 2022.  East Dunbartonshire Council will shortly begin preparing a new Local Development Plan  for the area, which will replace LDP 2017.

South Claddens Housing proposal – See Community Council response to this live proposal at Blacklands Place Planning Application report under About LCC – Blog Posts – South Claddens Planning Application. 

Post Office on Auchinloch Road – After the previous Post Office branch closed at the beginning of 2017, strenuous efforts were made to find a new home.  The Post Office has recently announced that Lifestyle Express at 35 Auchinloch Road will be the new premises.  A local consultation has been started to find out what you think about the suitability of the new location.  The consultation ends on 23rd May 2018.  From past experience, the Post Office sets great store by the response they get to these consultations, so it is important to respond.  Click here to find links to the consultation.  Alternatively you can get a flier from the shop which gives further details and also send your comments to an address ‘FREEPOST’ (this seems like an incredible mailing address but it seems to work).

Lenzie Parking Study Options – This study deals with on-street parking in residential areas close to Lenzie Station.  A range of measures has been developed and the most recent community consultation about these was on 28th March 2018.  This was attended by local residents, who had an opportunity to discuss the strategy with Council officers and comment at the meeting. Maps showing the proposals are found here.  There is also a link to comment if you wish. The deadline for comments is 20th April 2018.