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Various consultations take place from time to time, where public authorities such as East Dunbartonshire Council look for a response from residents on a particular issue.  Information will be given on this page about this aspect.

Local Planning is based on a Local Development Plan (LDP) which guides the future use of land, sets out proposals for development and provides the framework for dealing with planning applications.  Local Plan 2 has been adopted by the Council and it is now preparing a new Local Development Plan  for the area, which will replace Local Plan 2.  It is expected that the LDP will be adopted in 2016 and will be updated every 5 years thereafter.

Lenzie Community Council objection letters - There has been a long-standing proposal by Miller Homes Ltd to build houses between the existing Earlsburn Road development and Initiative Road, with access along Meadowburn Avenue.  At the time of posting, this proposal is being considered by EDC Officers and it is expected that the proposal and recommendations will come to the Planning Board in October/November.  Click Meadowburn Submission 1 Doc to see the history and Lenzie Community Council’s objection.

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