Linking Communities

By admin, June 21, 2014 9:28 am


The Right-of-Way path along the edge of Lenzie Golf Course between Auchinloch and Lenzie is historic, but has suffered badly from flooding in the last few years.  Wednesday 18th June saw the official opening of the reconstructed path, which represents a huge transformation from its previous state.  The important feature is a causeway at the lowest point of the path, raising it substantially above the previous height.  However, there are other welcome improvements such as the tarmac surface throughout and the parallel pram/bike ramp, handrail and steps, on the climbing part of the track towards Auchinloch (not forgetting the welcome seat at the top).

A key factor in the re-creation of the path was ‘Linking Communities’ funding from the bike charity Sustrans.  Auchinloch and Lenzie have indeed been strongly linked since the growth of Lenzie a century and a half ago and older residents can relate how they walked to school in Lenzie along the path as a much safer and shorter alternative to Auchinloch Road.  The challenge to turn project funds into reality was taken up by North Lanarkshire Council and, with the cooperation of Lenzie Golf Club and Caledonian Estates, the path was designed and executed to a high standard.  The opening event involved children from Auchinloch Primary School who were present with their bikes and took part in planting trees to replace some that were removed to widen the path.  A really great day for both communities.

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