‘New’ Spider Bridge Walk

By admin, September 12, 2012 6:33 pm

IMG_1584 Local walkers who wonder where the Spider Bridge route from Garngaber to Waterside has gone – it is still there, albeit much altered.

If you are walking east at Woodilee Cottages, keep going between the facing rows of new houses and you will find a gap between houses at the end, where the road curves round.  This brings you out next to the Old Aisle Cemetery and the familiar path and bridge over the Bothlyn Burn.  The way over the hill to the left is now blocked off for house building, but if you go right, the path curves round left and heads gently uphill towards Waterside along an alley of trees (pictured).  At present there is a conflict with earth-moving vehicles at the point where the path reaches Calfmuir Road, but keep going and you will get there.  The path also now connects with the main Woodilee avenue and, if you use that access from the traffic lights at Garngaber, it is all negotiable over the whole length for go-chairs and bikes.

Most of the paths around the former hospital have been re-made and so there are many different ways you can make a circular walk.

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