Lenzie Moss Library

By admin, July 23, 2012 10:49 am


Walkers crossing via the Moss boardwalk on a recent Sunday were probably puzzled to encounter a stationary group of peoople gathered round one person kneeling on the wet moss ground and pointing out various features of a long sausage of peat.  The peat expert was Dr Richard Tipping of Stirling University, who was explaining how peat layers from 1.7 metres down could be analysed to tell us how our ancestors, even from before the Romans, seemed to have started the process of cutting down trees to clear land for crops.  Information from a Glasgow University PhD study based on Lenzie Moss was handed out to show how microscopic examination of pollen content and radio-carbon dating was used to do this.  This demonstration of peat coring and the talk based on a ‘live’ sample, had been arranged by Mugdock Park Ranger Service and Friends of Lenzie Moss.  The telling point was made that the peat formation provides a treasure trove of historical and environmental information, which continues to yield evidence relating to land use, social history and climate change.  Two hours passed very quickly and fortunately the rain held off.

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