Trains from Lenzie

By admin, January 24, 2012 7:29 pm

lenziestationpsChanges are afoot in train services from Lenzie and, if you are a train traveller you have only a little time left to have your say in two major public consultations on trains.  A recent presentation in Lenzie on the Glasgow-Edinburgh Improvement (EGIP) programme gave information about possible benefits for Lenzie commuters to Glasgow, but raised some questions about other destinations such as Edinburgh and Stirling.  Improvements in travel to Glasgow might be at the expense of more train changes at Croy and less direct station-to-station trains.

At the same time, Transport Scotland is running a consultation, Rail 2014 on the future of rail across Scotland.  This also raises the concept of ‘Interchange Stations’ (eg Croy) and the role such stations could play in making it easier for local services to get out of the way of faster, Inter-City services, such as Glasgow-Edinburgh.  There’s obviously a balance to be struck and this is reflected in the Consultation question Should the number of services making use of interchange stations be increased to reduce the number of direct services? If you value the direct Edinburgh and Stirling trains we currently have, make sure Transport Scotland knows.

The EGIP consultation finishes at the end of January but you have until 20th February for the Rail 2014 consultation.

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