Gadloch path thrown a lifebelt

By admin, January 26, 2011 4:24 pm

In a recent incident, a member of the public out sledging with children fell through the fragile ice on the part of the Gadloch which has spread substantially over the Golf Course.

This was not as careless as it  sounds.  The whole area was covered in snow and unless you had been familiar with the recent extent of the Gadloch, it would probably have seemed that you were walking on the golf course rather than on thin ice.

The victim didn’t need a lifebelt fortunately but somebody has clearly thought that one might be handy, albeit at some distance from the potential action.  (See more information in News and Pictures.)

Lenzie Golf Club have recently written to all authorities with an interest in the Gadloch situation, pointing out the extent of damage to the course, the effects on playability and the costs of repairs.

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