Auchinloch path flooding

By admin, October 10, 2009 3:36 pm

Gadloch from Lenzie Golf Course

The Right-of-Way across Lenzie Golf Course to Auchinloch was impassable for all of the most recent winter, due to high water levels in the Gadloch. The flooding receded from April to June, but the quantity of mud deposited on the low-lying part meant that it was very rarely walkable.   The Community Council has an ongoing investigation into the causes.

Three different Councils are involved, together with the landowners and it has not been straightforward to determine responsibilities for the various factors that have led to the flooding.  East Dunbartonshire Council have designated the part of this path that lies within their territory as a Core Path and North Lanarkshire Council have been encouraged to so designate the remainder to Langmuirhead Road.  Auchinloch Community Council are also keen to see an improvement, as is Lenzie Golf Club.

The problem, put simply is that the inflow rate to the loch, via the Standburn, is often greater than the outflow, which goes down through brick manholes into an underground tunnel to the Park Burn. Glasgow Council is responsible for the inflow but claim that the problem is probably due to blockages in the outflow tunnel.  Observations show that this has not been the case recently.  Long standing observers maintain that, whereas flooding used to be a winter problem only, it has got worse since a flood attenuation scheme was created at Robroyston in Glasgow Council’s territory.

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