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Lenzie Jog 2013

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By admin, November 3, 2012 9:35 am
January 2, 2013
10:00 am

Lenzie Jog is being planned for Wednesday 2nd January – registration 10:00 am at Lenzie Union Parish Church Old Hall.  Watch this entry for further updates as details are fixed.

‘New’ Spider Bridge Walk

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By admin, September 12, 2012 6:33 pm

IMG_1584 Local walkers who wonder where the Spider Bridge route from Garngaber to Waterside has gone – it is still there, albeit much altered.

If you are walking east at Woodilee Cottages, keep going between the facing rows of new houses and you will find a gap between houses at the end, where the road curves round.  This brings you out next to the Old Aisle Cemetery and the familiar path and bridge over the Bothlyn Burn.  The way over the hill to the left is now blocked off for house building, but if you go right, the path curves round left and heads gently uphill towards Waterside along an alley of trees (pictured).  At present there is a conflict with earth-moving vehicles at the point where the path reaches Calfmuir Road, but keep going and you will get there.  The path also now connects with the main Woodilee avenue and, if you use that access from the traffic lights at Garngaber, it is all negotiable over the whole length for go-chairs and bikes.

Most of the paths around the former hospital have been re-made and so there are many different ways you can make a circular walk.

Great Outdoors Festival

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By admin, August 18, 2012 8:57 pm

The second Great Outdoors Festival is your chance to get out and about in some of Central Scotland's best settings: the Campsie Fells, the Kilpatrick Hills, the Trossachs and all the bits in between.  Walking, paddling or riding as part of a group is fun and a great way to explore the countryside.  Experienced leaders guide all the events, so there's no fear of getting lost.

Events run from Friday 31st August to Monday 10th September.  All the events must be booked in advance as there are a limited number of spaces on each.  For details of over 50 events - click the link to see the brochure.

Great Outdoors Festival 2011

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By admin, August 15, 2011 12:39 pm

Walking Festival 17East Dunbartonshire Walking Festival has grown legs this year and joined forces with West Dunbartonshire and Stirling to provide the Great Outdoors Festival.  The activities take place over a wider area, a longer period of time and are of a greater range.

This is your chance to get out and about in some of Central Scotland’s best settings, the Campsie Fells the Kilpatrick Hills and the Trossachs.  Experienced leaders guide all of the Festival’s events, so there is no fear of getting lost.  Follow the link to see the range of events from 3rd to 11th September.

Green Belt Feedback

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By admin, April 5, 2011 11:01 am

Disused Railway path at Meadowburn

East Dunbartonshire Council Policy Planner Richard Todd has summarised responses passed to the Reporter as a result of the Public Consultation on proposed development sites.  Claddens East attracted 160 responses and Meadowburn Avenue 62 responses together with a 292-signature petition.  Scottish Natural Heritage agreed with ED Council’s Strategic Environmental Assessments and suggested that the Claddens East site should become “wooded greeenspace”.  Strathclyde Passenger Transport responded on accessibility to public transport links.  Responses across all East Dunbartonshire proposals numbered 634.  MP Jo  Swinson, two MSPs and four Local Councillors also responded, together with four Community Councils, including Lenzie CC.  More details can be found here.

Gadloch flood update

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By admin, March 22, 2011 11:53 am


Water levels have ratcheted upwards since the last picture taken at the end of January (see archive) and have reached the highest level this Winter and for decades previously.  North Lanarkshire Council have written to Central Scotland MSP Hugh O’Donnell, setting out the issues and responsibilities.  They have undertaken to inspect the outlet tunnnel “when water levels permit”.  Press reports indicate similar undertakings to Lenzie Golf Club by the landowners who have first responsibility.  In previous years, levels dropped to a safe inspection level in early March.  This year, even when there has been no rain for a period, the water level is reducing very little.  The hope that natural drainage will eventually be enough to allow tunnel inspection and clearance therefore seems questionable.

More houses here?

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By admin, January 16, 2011 10:10 pm

Looking North to Campsies from KLR embankment

Developers are currently pressing East Dunbartonshire Council to move two Green Belt boundaries in South Lenzie – see mapsgreenbelt.  The purpose of this is to enable housing developments in these two areas, which have been cut off from the rest of the Green Belt by the Link Road.  The Council turned down the requests but the developers have petitioned the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) to overturn the Council’s decision.  The decision of the Reporter appointed by DPEA will be final.

Any interested party can comment on these proposals – but comments have to be in before Monday 14th March.  More information is available at ‘local libraries’ and a resident adjacent to one of the areas has created a website with more information.  Click here for link to East Dunbartonshire Council’s response and GBPlanning for further publicity material issued by the Council Planning Department.  Scottish Executive have adopted a policy on control of woodland removal and retention which is useful to refer to as the DPEA has to take account of this.  See ‘event calendar’ for details of Public Meeting.

Lenzie Community Council has now discussed the Meadowburn and Claddens East proposals and agreed to prepare objections to both, in support of the East Dunbartonshire Council case against altering the Green Belt boundaries.

Public meeting on Parking

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By admin, August 2, 2010 10:29 am
Station car park on typical weekday

Station car park on typical weekday

Following earlier announcement of a new traffic and parking plan for Lenzie (see East Dunbarton Council micro website) the public consultation meeting  in Lenzie Public Hall on 19th August was packed out.  Every view from scepticism to qualified approval was expressed. 

Only those views and comments that are made via the consultation response form will be considered by the Transportation Planning Team and the deadline for submission is Friday 17th September for the Station Parking Management scheme.  All plans and information are on view in Lenzie Library.

Contrary to some reports,  the plan does NOT incorporate speed bumps and there is no actual narrowing of the road.

A question was asked at the meeting – what traffic reduction on B757 would be expected when the Link Road is open?  A traffic model produced by KI (before the present B757 plan was developed) suggested the following:

Hornshill M80 roundabout to Lenzie Station predicted 60-70% daily reduction
Lenzie Station to Whitegates predicted 52% daily reduction (48% am peak; 29% pm peak)
Whitegates to Donaldson St 39% daily reduction; (30% am peak; 16% pm peak).

Meeting on Parking Plan

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By admin, August 2, 2010 10:27 am
August 19, 2010
7:00 pm
Following earlier announcement of a new traffic and parking plan for Lenzie (see Archive for details) there will be a public meeting at 7 pm in Lenzie Public Hall on Thursday 19th August and drop-in sessions on the following day 12-2 pm and 4-7 pm.

These sessions will cover the B757 Phase 1 proposals and parking issues.  Residents will also receive a letter outlining the plans.

Ten Walk & Cycle Routes

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By admin, March 20, 2010 9:40 pm

walksfcHealthy Habit’s latest production is a first class illustrated brochure laying out ten walking and cycling routes in and around Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

You may know some of these routes but are sure to find some new challenges in short and long walks that take you all over the area.  Each walk description is supported  by interesting information about the area and the likely wildlife that might be seen.

Drop into the Kirkintilloch shop and get your copy.

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