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Free Wifi at Stations

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By admin, July 4, 2017 6:41 pm


Look out for the sign! (This one is at Haymarket).

The Scotrail Alliance has announced that free Wifi is now available at Lenzie and Bishopbriggs Stations.  Wifi is available at around 50 stations, apparently and 90% of rolling stock are expected to be connected by autumn 2018.

Installation work is currently underway on the trains which serve Glasgow suburban routes, Lanarkshire and Inverclyde and this will add to the current provision on the main inter-city routes.

‘New’ Spider Bridge Walk

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By admin, September 12, 2012 6:33 pm

IMG_1584 Local walkers who wonder where the Spider Bridge route from Garngaber to Waterside has gone – it is still there, albeit much altered.

If you are walking east at Woodilee Cottages, keep going between the facing rows of new houses and you will find a gap between houses at the end, where the road curves round.  This brings you out next to the Old Aisle Cemetery and the familiar path and bridge over the Bothlyn Burn.  The way over the hill to the left is now blocked off for house building, but if you go right, the path curves round left and heads gently uphill towards Waterside along an alley of trees (pictured).  At present there is a conflict with earth-moving vehicles at the point where the path reaches Calfmuir Road, but keep going and you will get there.  The path also now connects with the main Woodilee avenue and, if you use that access from the traffic lights at Garngaber, it is all negotiable over the whole length for go-chairs and bikes.

Most of the paths around the former hospital have been re-made and so there are many different ways you can make a circular walk.

Parking back on agenda

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By admin, February 16, 2012 10:30 pm

parkingpicThe consultation on De-criminalised Parking Enforcement proposals put forward by East Dunbartonshire Council closed on 30th March.   Responses to the consultation will take some time to be analysed.  After that, more detailed designs for specific streets will be brought forward and further consultations will take place.  Lenzie Community Council has submitted a response to the process which you can read by clicking Parkresponse

Trains from Lenzie

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By admin, January 24, 2012 7:29 pm

lenziestationpsChanges are afoot in train services from Lenzie and, if you are a train traveller you have only a little time left to have your say in two major public consultations on trains.  A recent presentation in Lenzie on the Glasgow-Edinburgh Improvement (EGIP) programme gave information about possible benefits for Lenzie commuters to Glasgow, but raised some questions about other destinations such as Edinburgh and Stirling.  Improvements in travel to Glasgow might be at the expense of more train changes at Croy and less direct station-to-station trains.

At the same time, Transport Scotland is running a consultation, Rail 2014 on the future of rail across Scotland.  This also raises the concept of ‘Interchange Stations’ (eg Croy) and the role such stations could play in making it easier for local services to get out of the way of faster, Inter-City services, such as Glasgow-Edinburgh.  There’s obviously a balance to be struck and this is reflected in the Consultation question Should the number of services making use of interchange stations be increased to reduce the number of direct services? If you value the direct Edinburgh and Stirling trains we currently have, make sure Transport Scotland knows.

The EGIP consultation finishes at the end of January but you have until 20th February for the Rail 2014 consultation.

Link Road pre-opening tour

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By admin, November 18, 2010 2:22 pm
November 21, 2010
1:30 pm

There will be a chance to take part in a guided tour of the new road on Sunday, November 21, at 1.30pm.

Team leaders from Kirkintilloch’s Initiative (KI) will explain the road’s special features and measures taken to protect the surrounding environment – including the enhanced Millersneuk Wetland, otter fencing and mammal ledges.

Special buses will leave from Tom Johnston House and enter the Link Road at Hornshill Roundabout.  There will be several stops to point out features of the road and the environment and the tour will end at Townhead, before returning to Tom Johnston House.
There may still be time to register for the guided tours.  Phone  0141 578 8272 or email

Gadloch record broken again

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By admin, November 1, 2010 4:14 pm
Gadloch Jan 26

Water levels on the Gadloch broke all previous records at the end of the cold spell towards the end of January and the levels are rising week by week.  The boundary fence beside the footpath is completely submerged and has fallen over.  Floods are close to Crosshill Road and have spread right across the Golf Course, almost to Auchinloch Road.  The owners of the land and the outflow tunnel have agreed to investigate suspected blockages in the tunnel.  However, this is difficult as the outflow manhole is well submerged and the first of the several airshafts on the tunnel crossing to Boghead Wood is also flooded to the top.

Public meeting on Parking

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By admin, August 2, 2010 10:29 am
Station car park on typical weekday

Station car park on typical weekday

Following earlier announcement of a new traffic and parking plan for Lenzie (see East Dunbarton Council micro website) the public consultation meeting  in Lenzie Public Hall on 19th August was packed out.  Every view from scepticism to qualified approval was expressed. 

Only those views and comments that are made via the consultation response form will be considered by the Transportation Planning Team and the deadline for submission is Friday 17th September for the Station Parking Management scheme.  All plans and information are on view in Lenzie Library.

Contrary to some reports,  the plan does NOT incorporate speed bumps and there is no actual narrowing of the road.

A question was asked at the meeting – what traffic reduction on B757 would be expected when the Link Road is open?  A traffic model produced by KI (before the present B757 plan was developed) suggested the following:

Hornshill M80 roundabout to Lenzie Station predicted 60-70% daily reduction
Lenzie Station to Whitegates predicted 52% daily reduction (48% am peak; 29% pm peak)
Whitegates to Donaldson St 39% daily reduction; (30% am peak; 16% pm peak).

Meeting on Parking Plan

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By admin, August 2, 2010 10:27 am
August 19, 2010
7:00 pm
Following earlier announcement of a new traffic and parking plan for Lenzie (see Archive for details) there will be a public meeting at 7 pm in Lenzie Public Hall on Thursday 19th August and drop-in sessions on the following day 12-2 pm and 4-7 pm.

These sessions will cover the B757 Phase 1 proposals and parking issues.  Residents will also receive a letter outlining the plans.

New traffic & parking plan

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By admin, June 18, 2010 7:25 pm

nparkEast Dunbartonshire Council Transportation Group have proposed a new parking and traffic plan for Lenzie.   Under the ‘traffic’ heading, Kirkintilloch and Auchinloch Roads, between Gallowhill Road and Crosshill Road will be ‘visually narrowed’ to slow traffic, encouraging use of the Link Road and leading to a quieter and more pleasant village.

A 2-hour ban on off-street parking in a zone around Lenzie Station will be applied to reduce all-day commuter parking, which has been causing increasing problems for residents and businesses.  This will be combined with plans to create more off-street parking using identified land.  There will be provision for resident parking and other needs.

Detailed plans are given in the Development & Infrastructure Committee June papers.  The plans will be set out for public consultation, probably in early August and necessary Traffic Regulation Orders sought thereafter.  Extensions to off-street parking will take some time to negotiate and implement and the timescale for completion is given as 18-24 months.

Walking & Cycling

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By admin, October 10, 2009 3:48 pm
railway path

railway path

SEE 1st Nov UPDATE below
Construction works for the Kirkintilloch Link Road have caused some difficulties for walkers on many popular local paths, but the contractor has responded well to suggestions.  For example, part of the informal path from the Larkfield corner to Woodilee Cottages was obliterated as it cut right across the line of the Link Road.  However, hard core was laid to form a useable footpath on the East side of the Link Road works, to join up with the original path as it goes up the hill.   This remains a much safer alternative to walking on Woodilee Road.

The former Woodilee Hospital site is currently being used for temporary storage of earth from the roadworks and it is now difficult to cross the site in this area.  The situation will gradually improve over the winter as the earth is taken back to form road embankments.

1st Nov updateThe original low-level Railway Path from Garngaber Avenue and the high-level path from Eastern Garngaber are effectively closed for the time being, even when work is not obviously in progress. The earthworks for the Link Road cut across both of these routes and can’t be negotiated at present.  The alternative return route from the diverted Strathkelvin Railway Path is via the access track up from Bothlyn Bank and then along Lindsaybeg Road.

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