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Linking Communities

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By admin, June 21, 2014 9:28 am


The Right-of-Way path along the edge of Lenzie Golf Course between Auchinloch and Lenzie is historic, but has suffered badly from flooding in the last few years.  Wednesday 18th June saw the official opening of the reconstructed path, which represents a huge transformation from its previous state.  The important feature is a causeway at the lowest point of the path, raising it substantially above the previous height.  However, there are other welcome improvements such as the tarmac surface throughout and the parallel pram/bike ramp, handrail and steps, on the climbing part of the track towards Auchinloch (not forgetting the welcome seat at the top).

A key factor in the re-creation of the path was ‘Linking Communities’ funding from the bike charity Sustrans.  Auchinloch and Lenzie have indeed been strongly linked since the growth of Lenzie a century and a half ago and older residents can relate how they walked to school in Lenzie along the path as a much safer and shorter alternative to Auchinloch Road.  The challenge to turn project funds into reality was taken up by North Lanarkshire Council and, with the cooperation of Lenzie Golf Club and Caledonian Estates, the path was designed and executed to a high standard.  The opening event involved children from Auchinloch Primary School who were present with their bikes and took part in planting trees to replace some that were removed to widen the path.  A really great day for both communities.

Gadloch flood update

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By admin, March 22, 2011 11:53 am


Water levels have ratcheted upwards since the last picture taken at the end of January (see archive) and have reached the highest level this Winter and for decades previously.  North Lanarkshire Council have written to Central Scotland MSP Hugh O’Donnell, setting out the issues and responsibilities.  They have undertaken to inspect the outlet tunnnel “when water levels permit”.  Press reports indicate similar undertakings to Lenzie Golf Club by the landowners who have first responsibility.  In previous years, levels dropped to a safe inspection level in early March.  This year, even when there has been no rain for a period, the water level is reducing very little.  The hope that natural drainage will eventually be enough to allow tunnel inspection and clearance therefore seems questionable.

Gadloch record broken again

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By admin, November 1, 2010 4:14 pm
Gadloch Jan 26

Water levels on the Gadloch broke all previous records at the end of the cold spell towards the end of January and the levels are rising week by week.  The boundary fence beside the footpath is completely submerged and has fallen over.  Floods are close to Crosshill Road and have spread right across the Golf Course, almost to Auchinloch Road.  The owners of the land and the outflow tunnel have agreed to investigate suspected blockages in the tunnel.  However, this is difficult as the outflow manhole is well submerged and the first of the several airshafts on the tunnel crossing to Boghead Wood is also flooded to the top.

Gadloch flooding

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By admin, December 7, 2009 4:46 pm

pathfloodHeavy rain at the end of November caused the Gadloch to rise much above the fence next to the Auchinloch path.  This is the worst flooding known in recent times, according to a long-time Auchinloch resident.  The background to the Auchinloch path closure was given in an October post (see October archive).  (See also ‘More news and pictures’.)

The pictures below of the Robroyston flood attenuation works, upstream of Gadloch, show very little water in the accumulation pond, relative to the potential volume, which can be judged by the height of the bank opposite.  The outflow into the Standburn also looks much larger than the capability of the Gadloch outflow works to cope.  (These pictures were taken within an hour of the previous Gadloch picture.)  The obvious conclusion is that not much ‘flood attenuation’ is happening.

Blockage of the Gadloch outflow tunnel has previously been blamed for the flooding problem but the outflow from the tunnel into the Park Burn was recently observed to be pretty vigorous.  (Comments on this post have been ‘enabled’.)

flood attenuation pond

flood attenuation pond

outflow to Standburn

outflow to Standburn

Auchinloch path flooding

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By admin, October 10, 2009 3:36 pm

Gadloch from Lenzie Golf Course

The Right-of-Way across Lenzie Golf Course to Auchinloch was impassable for all of the most recent winter, due to high water levels in the Gadloch. The flooding receded from April to June, but the quantity of mud deposited on the low-lying part meant that it was very rarely walkable.   The Community Council has an ongoing investigation into the causes.

Three different Councils are involved, together with the landowners and it has not been straightforward to determine responsibilities for the various factors that have led to the flooding.  East Dunbartonshire Council have designated the part of this path that lies within their territory as a Core Path and North Lanarkshire Council have been encouraged to so designate the remainder to Langmuirhead Road.  Auchinloch Community Council are also keen to see an improvement, as is Lenzie Golf Club.

The problem, put simply is that the inflow rate to the loch, via the Standburn, is often greater than the outflow, which goes down through brick manholes into an underground tunnel to the Park Burn. Glasgow Council is responsible for the inflow but claim that the problem is probably due to blockages in the outflow tunnel.  Observations show that this has not been the case recently.  Long standing observers maintain that, whereas flooding used to be a winter problem only, it has got worse since a flood attenuation scheme was created at Robroyston in Glasgow Council’s territory.

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