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7/3/2019 –  January minutes posted; updated post on Lenzie Library;

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Lenzie Library under threat

Further to the previous news, it is noted in a Minute reported to a full Council meeting, that the East Dunbarton Leisure and Culture Trust (EDLCT) had made ‘recommendations in relation to the smaller libraries in East Dunbartonshire’.  It is believed that Lenzie Library is one of the ‘smaller libraries’.  The Depute Chief Executive noted that there were ‘ongoing discussions with Trades Unions and Employers’, that ‘there would be a change request to Council in the New Year’ and that a ‘Report would be submitted to a future meeting of the Council’.

Libraries are run by EDLCT, which provides the library service according to a service agreement with the Council. It is believed that the ‘change request’ will be to close these libraries.  Your Community Council has obtained usage figures for all EDC libraries under FOI procedures.  All three Ward Councillors have been emailed, asking that they support the retention of Lenzie Library and ensure that all plans concerning the provision of libraries in East Dunbartonshire are open to consultation.

If you have views on the possibility of closure, it would be reasonable to communicate these views to the Ward Councillors for Lenzie and South Kirkintilloch. If you are using email for this, you could send a copy of your message to Lenzie Community Council at lenziecommunitycouncil8@gmail.com.